Gold Shaking Table In China

Gold Shaking Table In China

To get gold from gold ore, we need to process gold ore. And after crushing& screening, grinding process, we need to send the gold powder into beneficiation equipment in order to get gold concentrate. For gold ore beneficiation, we generally adopt gravity treatment, so here we focus on gold shaking table in China.

Gold Shaking Table In China

As a professional manufacturer in China, SBM provides 6S shaking table for gold beneficiation. And 6S shaking table is a kind of main equipment of gravity treatment. Since the quality of beneficiation directly decides the final gold concentrate quality, so the quality of gold shaking table means a lot.

Compared with traditional gold shaking table, SBM gold shaking table has high rich ore ratio and high separation efficiency, easy to take charge and convenient to adjust. Besides, SBM gold shaking table has compact structure with the springs are installed in the table, making it has stable performance. And the final concentrated gold ore and gangue can be obtained once. And there is another advantage of SBM gold shaking table that is highly spoken of the customers: it can be applied in different separations of rough concentration, elaborate concentration and scavenging concentration, which can process coarse sand, fine sand and ore slurry, meeting different production requirements.

Gold Beneficiation Equipment For Sale

Besides gold shaking table, SBM also provides jigging machine and flotation machine for gold ore beneficiation process. While processing gold ore, their working principles are different but they are both efficient and have high efficiency. Jigging machine mainly separates the gold ore by the different gravities of minerals while flotation machine needs reagent to separate the gold ore.

For the gold shaking table and mentioned jigging machine and flotation machine, SBM all provides various types and models for the customers to choose. If you are interested in these machines, please contact us.

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